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Jason Brass -

To set up the regex for the SEO Helpers you can use the below cheat sheet, in general the seo call to vms from the CDP is 'inventory/New/All/MAKE/MODEL/CITY/ST/?ANYPARAMS' values would be (if no MAKE or MODEL is passed then 'All' is sent in its place). And the order of the helpers can matter. 

If you are interested in seeing the seo call, under the CarDealerPress plugin Admin settings, check the 'Show Plugin Debug Info' box, the seo call ([SEO Helper]) will show up under the '#cardealerpress-inventory' that you can find by using the browsers development tools, (i.e. in Chrome, right click and 'inspect element') 

Search Results Page

url: /inventory/New/
regex: inventory.New.

url: /inventory/Used/
regex: inventory.Used.

url: /inventory/Used/?certified=yes
regex: inventory.Used.*certified.*yes

Specific Make search
url: /inventory/New/MAKE
regex: inventory.New.All.MAKE.

General Make Search
url: /inventory/Used/BMW/
regex: inventory.Used.All.[^ll][a-zA-Z]{3,}.

Specific Make/Model search
url: /inventory/New/MAKE/MODEL/
regex: inventory.New.All.MAKE.MODEL

url: /inventory/New/Honda/MODEL NAME WITH SPACE/
regex: inventory.New.All.Honda.MODEL.*NAME.*WITH.*SPACE

url: /inventory/Used/BMW/3%20Series/?trim=328i%20xDrive
regex: \?trim

url: /inventory/Used/BMW/?sort=year_asc
regex: sort

Vehicle Class
url: /inventory/Used/?vehicleclass=car
regex: inventory.Used.*vehicleclass.*car

url: /inventory/Used/?vehicleclass=truck
regex: inventory.Used.*vehicleclass.*truck

url: /inventory/Used/?vehicleclass=sport_utility
regex: inventory.Used.*vehicleclass.*sport_utility

url: /inventory/Used/?vehicleclass=van,minivan
regex: inventory.Used.*vehicleclass.*sport_utility

url: /inventory/Used/Dodge/?vehicleclass=van,minivan
regex: inventory.Used.*vehicleclass.*van.*minivan

Vehicle Detail Page
url: /inventory/2018/Honda/Pilot/NV/Reno/5FNYF6H97JB034771/
regex: inventory.\d{4}

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