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Setting up Shareaholic

1) Install and activate the Shareaholic plugin (can be found through the WordPress repository

2) Hover over Shareaholic and click on App Manager

3) Choose your preferred settings

4) Save changes at the bottom



Adding Shareaholic to the VDP

1) Go to widgets

2) Drag and drop a text widget into the “Inventory Vehicle Detail Page” widget area

3) Paste this shortcode into the text widget box:  [shareaholic app="share_buttons" id="<insert shareaholic app ID here>”]

4) Save

5) Hover over Shareaholic and click on Advanced Settings (we recommend opening this in a new tab [ctrl + left click on PC]  [command + left click on Mack])

6) Copy your app ID to clipboard

7) Go back to the text widget area and paste your ID in the labeled area within the shortcaode.

    Example:  [shareaholic app="share_buttons" id="432kmno4w9gqlkn4589qwgnj”]

8) Save


Centering the boxes on the VDP


Add this CSS in the Styles area of a style editor (we recommend installing Scripts n Styles which can be found in the WordPress repository):


div#inventory-widget-area {

    float: none;

    text-align: center;



Floating share buttons

You can also sign up for free within the Shareaholic App Manager area for floating share buttons, follow buttons, and more. Here is a blog post on how to activate floating share buttons:

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