Contact Form 7 integration with the CarDealerPress plugin

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The CarDealerPress plugin has built-in integration hooks for Gravity Forms. This doesn't mean that you can't use other form plugins, just that you will need to do a little more work. 

Follow the steps below for Contact Form 7 Other form plugins will require a similar setup. Keep in mind that you will need to get values like make, model, trim off the page using javascript if you want them. With Gravity Forms hooks you can easily get these values without any coding.

If using CF7, an additional plugin to also get is the Flamingo plugin (recommended, same author as CF7), or CF7 Database plugin, either plugin will allow you to have a record of form submissions on the site. 

Step 1

In Contact Form 7:

- click on 'Add New'

- set a title for the form (ie. More Information)

- copy and paste this general form set up text into form builder

Note: you can use different names for 'your-name' 'questions'(be sure to change them in the Message also) but if you change any of the vehicle attributes the JS will not work. 

- click 'Save' 

- copy the shortcode to your clipboard


Under the 'Mail' -> 'Message Body' section fill out how you want to receive the lead. You can set up the message however you want, these are just examples. 

ADF Message

HTML Message

From: [your-name] 
Subject: Vehicle Lead

Message Body:
email: [email]
phone: [phone]
vin: [vin]
stock: [stock]
Vehicle: [model-year] [make] [model] [trim]
Price: [price]
Comments: [your-message]


Step 2

In the widget section:

- Add a text widget to the 'Inventory Vehicle Detail Page' widget area

- Add the following code inside the text box and paste YOUR shortcode between the div tags

<div id="vehicle-form">
[contact-form-7 id="###" title="###"]


- click 'Save'


Step 3

In the CarDealerPress Plugin

- click on 'Settings' (not shown)

- click on 'Scripts'

- click on the + button next to 'Script Settings'

- click on the 'New Script' box

- name your script

- set the 'Location' to 'Footer'

- set the 'Page' to 'Detail'

- Add the following URL to the URL box

(script will pass vehicle information to Contact Form 7, and place form on detail page.)

- click anywhere outside the box to save (box will flash to green when finished saving)

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