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IMPORTANT: The default email lead forms for Armadillo, Dolphin, and Eagle are on a deprecation path. With our GravityForms integration, it doesn't make sense to have a basic form anymore. If you are using the basic VMS form, we recommend that you change it out as soon as possible. 

Replacing Default form with Gravity Forms

Setting up email forms

As you create websites for your dealers, setting up the lead forms is critical. Below are the steps you will go through to set up the lead forms.

Step 1 - setting email notification addresses in GravityForms - Open Forms


Step 2 - Select Settings > Notifications


Step 3 to adding email notifications - Edit Admin Notification


Step 4 Insert Appropriate Email Addresses

add-emails IMPORTANT: When you are done adding the email addresses, go to the dealer's consumer facing website and fill out one of each form to ensure that they get received by the dealer as expected.

Add your form to the inventory Search Results Page (SRP or "list page") & VDP some themes.

This will be done in the CarDealerPress plugin as shown in the following image. Open CarDealerPress > Settings > Theme as indicated in the screenshot below. The "List info Button:" and the "List Form Button:" fields are overrides for the button labels on the inventory search results page (SRP). To get familiar with how this works, make some changes and go to the inventory SRP to see how the buttons have changed. Below the labels is the "List Form ID", this is where you will add the ID of the GravityForms form that you want to use. To get the ID, go to "Forms" in the main admin menu, you will see a list of the forms and their corresponding IDs. As you can see in the screenshot below, there is also a section to change the VDP form. This will be applicable for Dolphin and some of the other themes to replace the default form.



Adding forms to your Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP)

Choose which form(s) that you want to use on the VDP, whether to show them on new, used, or both, decide on a title and add them as shown below. Keep in mind that some forms work better for different dealers, so don't be afraid to experiment.

Follow this screenshot to add forms to your VDP vdp-forms

Adding a form for the "Sorry, no results found" page.

This is the page that displays when there aren't any vehicles to match a specific query. 2016-11-02_11-34-30 To add a form to the page. Add a GravityForms ID in the CarDealerPress plugin as shown in the following screenshot. 2016-11-02_11-32-39

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  BE SURE TO TEST  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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